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Teddy Bear Stories Index

Below are a list of teddy bear stories that we at Ready Teddy Go have written for Teddy Bear fans all around the world and they include some of our own bears!

1. A Muddy Hunt for Alfred Bear

Hello, it’s me, Alfred the Teddy Bear again, and right now I’m very wet, very dirty and very cross! Let me explain … I live with my humans, Janet, Ollie (Janet’s little brother) and their mum and dad. Today, we all went to Dorking to see Auntie Helen, Uncle Joel and Harry the Dallie. (read full story)

2. The day a VIB (Very Important Bear) came to stay

Hello, it’s me, Alfred Bear, with news about a new friend who has come to stay with us. His name is Ted, and he’s a teddy bear just like me. Well, not exactly like me. His fur is a different colour for a start. (read full story)

3. How Two Brave Teddy Bears Saved Humphrey the Tortoise

Hello, it’s me, Alfred Bear. Today, I want to tell you about how Cuddles and I saved Humphrey the tortoise by falling out a window. (read full story)

4. Spooky Halloween Fun with Alfred

It’s Halloween! I’m so excited. I'm a very brave bear, helping Janet and her family put up decorations for Halloween. Even though there are bats and monsters and other scary things,....... (read full story)

5. Alfred Bear, and his amazing suit

Hello, it’s Alfred Bear again. I’ve just had the best weekend ever, all thanks to my human owner Janet and Auntie Lynda. Lynda is Human Dad’s little sister and in a few weeks’ time she’s getting married to Frank. (read full story)



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