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The Day a VIB (Very Important Bear) Came to Stay

Hello, it’s me, Alfred Bear, with news about a new friend who has come to stay with us. His name is Ted, and he’s a teddy bear just like me. Well, not exactly like me. His fur is a different colour for a start.

Ted lives with me and the humans. He is very stuck-up. He says he’s A Very Important Bear in the film world, so has to keep his identity under wraps. I didn’t know what an identity was and didn’t know what it was wrapped in, even though I searched the whole house when the humans were out.

I met Ted in the Lost Property Box (or as he calls it, the Lost Props Department) of our local cinema. I got rescued the same day, but Ted had been there for months and months. I think his owner didn’t want him anymore, and swapped him for some popcorn. Why else would he have been left on the counter next to the popcorn machine?

By now you’re probably wondering how I got lost in the first place. Well, let me explain. Janet, my human owner, has a best friend called Charlotte, and last week was her tenth birthday party. Only it wasn’t a pass-the-parcel jelly-and-cakes party at home. It was a cinema outing to see Madagascar 3. With tea at McDonald’s to follow.

Well, you can imagine how excited I was! I crossed my paws and hoped I’d be invited, and sure enough Janet popped me in her rucksack next to Charlotte’s present. The next thing I knew, we were whizzing off in Human Dad’s car to the Rialto cinema.

I’d like to tell you about the movie but it all went wrong, because Janet gave Charlotte her present, but left me in the bag! There I was, muffled up under the chair, while everyone else enjoyed the film. Well, I wriggled until I pushed open the zip enough for me to get out. Then, I tiptoed to the end of the aisle so I could see the screen. But no sooner had I done that, than the lights went on and everyone started clattering to their feet. The film was over. Worse still, Janet and her friends were leaving without me.

Suddenly I was being picked up by one ear. It was a lady who worked in the cinema, checking for left-behind bears. She marched into a small storeroom and dropped me into something that looked like Human Mum’s kitchen waste caddy. It smelled a bit like it too. It was full of grubby baseball caps and umbrellas, and I began to feel really, really sorry for myself. Suddenly, I heard a grumble from underneath. It was Ted the Bear.

Well, once Janet realised I was missing she rushed straight back to collect her naughty lost teddy bear – that was me. The cinema lady had an idea and said to Janet, “Why don’t you take this handsome fellow home too? He looks lonely.”

Ted puffed himself up over being called handsome. He’s been saying he’s a Very Important Bear ever since.


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