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Spooky Halloween Fun with Alfred

It’s Halloween! I’m so excited.

I'm a very brave bear, helping Janet and her family put up decorations for Halloween. Even though there are bats and monsters and other scary things, I'm not frightened, though I might be if I meet them outside. I wonder why Human Mum (Janet’s mum) is hanging spider webs all over the place? Normally she hoovers them up. Humans can be odd sometimes.

I'm keeping my paws crossed that Janet lets me go trick-or-treating again like she did last October. Halloween is the chocolatiest time of the year next to Easter; I felt sick all the way through to bonfire night! The trick is to dress up really, really, scarily, so when people open their doors they shriek “Eek!” and give you lots of sweetie treats to make you go away. Some people give out stickers and colouring pencils instead, saying sweets are bad for your teeth. Of course, teddy bears don’t have that problem.

Janet’s little brother Ollie is allowed to come trick-or-treating this year, which made Janet sulky earlier. She cheered up when her mum said there would be grown-ups as well. I suppose the grown-ups are there to make us behave. Last year old Mrs Jenkins opened her door to let the cat in, and found Janet and I standing at her door, looking very terrifying indeed.

Earlier today Cuddles (who is Ollie’s teddy bear) and I hitched a lift with Janet and her family to the Halloween shop to pick out some outfits. It was very spooky, with green lights and creepy music and glow-in-the-dark skeletons and things. Ollie wasn't scared but Cuddles was. She saw a dancing ghost and dived right under a long-haired vampire wig that Human Mum was about to try on. Cuddles did look funny – like Cousin It from the Addams Family. I told her it would be a very original Halloween outfit.

Everything in the shop seemed to be made for humans, so I was really pleased when I spotted a pumpkin costume in exactly my size. Janet saw it too. Human Mum said it was meant for babies, but put it in the basket anyway – I was very pleased. A Halloween outfit just for me!

Then, Janet went to pick out some more bits to make her witches outfit. Janet is very good at making things. Last year, she made my ghost costume out of one of her mum’s pillowcases. Human Mum got very upset; I must have looked really spooky!

Janet’s dad, Human Dad, doesn't like dressing up much. The shop lady showed him a posh velvety Devil outfit and said it was Baroque, whatever that means. Dave said at that price he would be too, and bought a pretend knife-through-the-head hat instead. It looked very realistic.

Now we’re at home and Human Dad is now downstairs making scary pumpkin heads, while everybody else tries their costumes on. I’m already wearing my pumpkin outfit. Ollie decided to be a knight-in-armour, which Janet said wasn't very scary. Ollie said her witch costume isn't scary either, unless she takes the mask off.

I can’t see Cuddles anywhere, but Human Mum is shouting that she can’t find the wig to go with her vampire costume …


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