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Transport Any Name Mug

Transport Any Name Mug
Product Description:

Create Your Own Personalised Mug Gift with Our "Transport Any Name" Design.

We will use the font and text colours as per our design unless advised otherwise.

Mug Types Available:-

Ceramic:- Size 80mm diameter and 92mm high. These are dishwasher safe and have a gloss finish.

Polymer (Plastic) Size 80mm diameter and 90mm high. As per the manufacturer these are not microwave and dishwasher safe. Hand Wash Only. However we have put these in our dishwasher at home with no fading but can't guarantee that they will never fade over time.

Please complete the different sections below to create your own personalised mug. We can change the colours and font in the design so please mention any additional requirements in the "Special Requirements" box below.

All personalisation is included and your mug will come in a clear acetate gift and UK Delivery is also FREE.

NB:- When choosing suitable photos please where possible choose professional taken photos or photos with good lighting as if your photos are too light or too dark then this will come through on the mug. The photos need to be the original size so please don't crop or re-size these where possible as we will do this if need be to get faces to fit inside shapes etc. Screen colours are different to printed colours so the colours that you see on your computer screen may not match the printed colour exactly but we have chosen bright, bold colours.


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